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Horchata Jeeter Juice | 1g


Experience the flavor and power of Jeeter with the 1g Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamonds Cart in the Horchata strain. The Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamonds is the strongest concentrate in the Jeeter product line. These Jeeter Carts are made with concentrated THCA Diamonds, providing exceptional flavor. The Horchata strain is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Mochi Gelato strain and the Jet Fuel Gelato strain. The Horchata strain has a sweet, fruity berry flavor with a creamy overtone and undertone of light spices. The aroma is even spicier, with a peppery accent hidden behind its sugary sweet and fruity berry notes. Horchata is an all in one high with strong cerebral, euphoric, creative, uplifting and relaxing effects. Fans of its pleasant body high claim it is an ideal strain for treating those suffering from chronic pain, depression, chronic stress or anxiety and PTSD.Our Budtenders in our LA Dispensary say if you love any Jeeter Products, like Baby Jeeter, you need to try the Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamonds. Start with Jeeter Juice in the Horchata strain, then work your way through the rest of the Jeeter strains and products. This Jeeter cart requires a 510 thread battery for use. Jeeter Battery sold separately. Shop the best selection of Jeeter in Marina Del Rey.





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