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Welcome to the Highway

Highway Cannabis Company is paving the way to provide the finest California-grown craft cannabis products on the West Coast.

Our brand is rooted in the legacy growers and retailers who developed this industry from the ground up. Both Highway’s flagship retail location in the heart of Marina del Rey — founded as Marina Caregivers in 2007 — and our sister chain KindPeoples — voted Best Dispensary in Santa Cruz 2015-2022 — have been staples in the California cannabis community for more than 15 years.

Whether you’re choosing to consume cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, we believe you need to be able to trust what you’re putting in your body. Our craft cannabis farm, established in 2010, is a premiere cultivator of premium flower in California. Highway’s farm is operated by skilled craftsman and multi-generation horticulturists as a go-to source for unrivaled genetics that have come to define many of today’s top-shelf brands.

At Highway, we believe it’s paramount to support our local community and set philanthropy as a high priority. Through our charity arm, The Open, we're active in the fight for environmental justice and supporting artistic activism.

We subscribe to a culture of being your authentic self and living life wide open to the world around us. We celebrate crafts people and artists, adventurers and free spirits, and everyone living life on their own terms. Our craft is cannabis, what’s yours?


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