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At Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey, we sell a rotating selection of the best weed strains available in California. When shopping for cannabis flower, it’s all about your individual preferences. There are many different variables that influence the final cannabis flower you see on our Marina Del Rey shelves.

Whether you prefer indica, sativa, hybrid, or you aren’t quite sure, our Marina Del Rey Dispensary staff are here to help you discover the best cannabis flower available in West Los Angeles.  Our selection of cannabis flower is grown, dried, cured and trimmed to perfection for your enjoyment. We keep a rotating flower menu to ensure you are always choosing between the best weed brands, strains and price points, and nothing less.

A shot of two towering branches of a growing cannabis plant, the runtz strain, from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey. The plant has large clusters of cannabis flower formed on the top, with fan leaves.

Cannabis Cultivation

There are a variety of different growing techniques, each with their own intricacies, but in general, cannabis cultivation can be broken up into two broad categories: indoor cannabis flower versus sun grown cannabis flower. There are so many different factors that go into a successful grow operation, and each variable will influence the strain’s final form, cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

Indoor cannabis flower is cultivated under artificial lighting and in a climate-controlled environment. Indoor cannabis cultivation allows growers to maintain meticulous control over the environmental factors. Likewise, sun grown cannabis flower is grown under natural sunlight in exposed environments. Many factors play into successful outdoor cannabis cultivation, including location, weather conditions and pests.

Many consumers prefer their flower to be sun grown in the outdoors as they believe it’s more natural and how the plant is intended to grow; likewise, many feel indoor cannabis is supreme. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.

A close up shot of a large cluster of cannabis flower, the Jack Herer strain, on a growing cannabis plant, from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey.

The Blossom Bar

Experience cannabis flower at its best at our Blossom Bar in Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey. Designed to elevate the sensory experience of cannabis, our cannabis flower atomizers help consumers find the best weed strains for their unique preferences.

When shopping for cannabis flower, listen to what your nose tells you. You can tell a lot about a strain of cannabis flower by its aroma. When something smells good to you, it’s telling you that the specific formulation of terpenes is pleasing to your palette. As soon as the cannabis plant is cut from its root source, the terpenes start to degrade, so you can notice not just quality but also freshness by paying attention to how strong its aroma is.

At the Blossom Bar in Highway Cannabis Marina Del Rey, not only can you have a really positive experience smelling the flower, but you can also look at all the different weed strains we carry. When you observe all our great weed strains, you’ll notice the trichomes. Trichomes are the little crystals that cover the cannabis plant and carry the cannabinoids and terpenes. Big, milky, sparkly trichomes are a visual marker for a high-quality cannabis.

The Blossom Bar at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey where a variety of amazing weed strains are on display for purchase.

Flower Brands

In Highway Cannabis, our Marina Del Rey dispensary, we make a point to carry a curated rotation of classic cannabis strains, like the Blue Dream strain, as well as newer strains, like the Permanent Marker strain, to meet the preferences of all of our customers. Our selection of weed strains are always changing to ensure we carry the freshest selection of strain drops from our brand partners.

We partner with the best weed brands in the cannabis industry including CAM, Cannabiotix, UpNorth, THC Design, Miss, Grass, Pacific Stone, Lowell Farms, Fig Farms, Revelry and more. Stop by Highway Cannabis, West LA’s best dispensary near LAX in Marina Del Rey to shop the best weed strains.

The flower section of Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey, many cannabis brands are on display available for purchase.


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