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At Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey, we know that plenty of our customers use cannabis as a holistic remedy to achieve regeneration and wellness for their minds and bodies. While every product in our store can be used to achieve wellness, at Highway Cannabis Co., we use the term “wellness products” to refer to tinctures, capsules, tablets, topicals and transdermals.

The wellness section, inside the best dispensary near LAX, Highway Cannabis, located in Marina Del Rey. The wellness section features topicals, tinctures, tablets, and more.

Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis Tinctures are a liquid concentration of cannabinoids taken-orally, typically made with an edible oil base, such as coconut oil. Cannabis tinctures offer consumers a safe way to consume cannabis without inhaling smoke or vapor. Tinctures are safe, discrete, doseable, reliable and offer a quicker onset time compared to edibles.

The cannabinoids in tinctures are processed sublingually, which means they are absorbed through the mucus membranes inside the mouth.

To properly take a tincture, fill the dropper to the desired measured dose, then place the tincture underneath your tongue. Hold the product there for as long as possible, ideally for 30 seconds to a minute to give the cannabinoids time to absorb into the mucus membranes in the mouth. Then swallow the remaining oil.

Holding the product in your mouth is key. The longer you let the product sit in your mouth, the longer the cannabinoids have to absorb sublingually.

Stop by Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey to explore cannabis tinctures.

A photo of Yummi Karma sleep weed tincture, from Highway Cannabis Dispensary, over an image of the ocean in Marina Del Rey.

Cannabis Tablets and Capsules

Cannabis capsules, or soft gels, are a cannabis concentrate inside of a pill-sized dissolvable case that are taken orally like any other pill. Cannabis capsules are a great alternative to combusting or vaping flower and provide customers with an edible option that’s sugar/allergen free.

Cannabis capsules often come in a variety of cannabinoid blends and provide customers with exact dosing information for consistent effects.

We also sell cannabis tablets in various cannabinoid ratios. Some cannabis tablets are swallowed like a pill and processed like an edible, whereas others are held under the tongue to melt, where they’re processed sublingually, more like a cannabis tincture.

Explore cannabis tablets and capsules at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey.

A photo of ProTab CBD Weed Tablets, from Highway Cannabis Dispensary, over an image of the the hills in the Pacific Palisades.

Topicals and Transdermals

Topical Cannabis come in many forms, most popularly as lotions and balms, but also as bath bombs, massage oils, roll ons, sprays, lubricants and more.

Topical cannabis is best utilized for fast-acting localized pain and /or inflammation relief. Both THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory effects when used topically. Topical cannabis may also help with pain, muscle soreness and inflammation.

While the cannabinoids in topical cannabis doesn’t penetrate the skin barrier, they can interact with local cannabinoid receptors in the skin. This is why topicals are best for targeted, site-specific relief. Since the cannabinoids in topicals sit on top of the skin barrier, they shouldn’t induce psychoactivity; however, there are certain sub-categories of topicals, like bath bombs, lubricants and transdermals that do have the capacity to induce pscyho-active effects.

In addition to cannabis oil, many topical cannabis products contain ingredients that are cooling, moisturizing, and generally soothing like menthol, beeswax, mango butter, aloe vera, essential oils and more.

Topical transdermals are a specific type of topical cannabis that are made with an agent that allows the cannabinoids to permeate the skin barrier allowing the cannabinoids to enter the blood stream to provide full body systemic relief, potentially inducing psychoactive effects.

Visit Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey to explore cannabis topicals.

An interior shot of the Cannabis Wellness section inside of Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey.


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