Pre Rolls

Rolled up and ready to smoke, pre rolls are a convenient, portable, and effective way to consume cannabis. Pre rolls come in many different sizes, strains, and potencies, infused with concentrates and more. At Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey, we dispense both single THC pre rolls and pre roll packs.

Two people pass a lit infused pre roll from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey back and forth between each other out in nature.

Non-Infused Pre Rolls

In general, there’s two types of pre rolls—infused pre rolls and non-infused pre rolls.

Non-infused pre rolls are simply pre-ground flower, packed into a rolling paper with a mouthpiece tip. Non-infused pre rolls are perfect for the consumers that love to smoke flower but seek convenience.

Non-infused pre rolls come in a variety of strains, sizes, and potencies, and as singles or in pre roll packs. Whether you like mini pre rolls aka dog walkers, or pre roll blunts, or just a simple 1 gram non-infused pre roll, Highway Cannabis can help you get what you’re looking for.

At Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey, we love all the single pre rolls from brands like UpNorth, Fig Farms and CAM as well as the non-infused box of pre rolls from Pacific Stone, as well as the Lowell Farms pack of pre rolls.

The Pre Rolls section at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey featuring a large selection of Jeeter Pre Rolls.

Infused Pre Rolls

Infused pre rolls are like regular THC pre rolls but with the potency dialed up, thanks to the addition of some type of concentrated cannabis added into the pre roll. The infusions can take a variety of different forms—distillate, kief, diamonds, rosin, live resin and more, and can be infused internally and/or externally.  This addition makes infused pre rolls very potent.

An internal infused pre roll will have the concentrated cannabis added inside of the pre roll, dispersed amongst the flower. The infusion won’t be visible, but you will feel the difference when you consume this type of pre roll.

An external infusion on the other hand means the additional concentrated cannabis is on the outside of the pre roll and will likely be visible. Pre rolls rolled in kief are the most common type of external infusion.

Sometimes, infused pre rolls will have both internal and external infusions—this is referred to as a double infusion. For example, we love the doubled-infused Baby Jeeter Pre Roll Packs from Jeeter, which are rolled in kief and infused with liquid diamonds.

A woman exhales a cloud of smoke from a lit pre roll from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey.

Pre Roll Blunts

Pre roll blunts are known for their slow burn and their large size, perfect for enjoying slowly or sharing with friends. Just like regular pre rolls, blunts can be either infused or non-infused.

Traditionally blunts are rolled in tobacco leaves, but due to cannabis industry regulation, blunt pre rolls sold in dispensaries must be tobacco free.

The pre roll blunts you’ll find inside of Highway Cannabis Dispensary are typically rolled in natural hemp wraps or other tobacco free blunt wraps.

An interior shot of the pre rolls section at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey featuring a variety of different pre roll packs.

Anatomy of a Pre Roll

There are three major components that make up prerolls: the paper, the weed, and the tip.

The weed inside of the pre roll is of course the most important part. Typically, pre rolls are rolled in unbleached organic rolling papers. The rolling paper used will impact the overall flavor of the pre roll so it’s best to use products that let the weed’s flavor shine through.

Tips are essentially the mouthpiece you inhale through. Tips prevent the mouthpiece from getting soggy and clogged, blocks bits of flower from getting in your mouth and prevents you from burning yourself as you burn your pre roll down to a roach. Tips are commonly made from paper but can also be made of glass and even uncooked pasta noodles.

A close up shot of Lowell Farms box of pre rolls. This 10 pack of pre rolls is available at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey.


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