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Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey has the best selection of Weed Vape Pens, including weed cartridges, weed pods, and disposable vape pens. If you’re not sure which is right for you, we break it all down here in our Vaping 101 guide. If you still have questions at the end, our Highway Cannabis budtenders are here to help!

Vape pens, also known as carts, weed pods, cartridges, weed pens, and cannabis vaporizers, are a great option for consumers that are focused on discretion and convenience.  Weed vape pens are portable, easy to use and require little effort compared to using a dab rig or a bong. Vapes leave a minimal trail of vapor that dissipates quickly. Vapes are portable and small so you can use them when you’re out and about.

A woman wearing a red jacket holding her weed vape pen from Highway Cannabis Dispensary while standing on a cliff overlooking one of LA's beaches at sunset.

Types of Vape Pens

Weed vape pens can be generally separated into three general categories: 510 cartridges, weed pods and disposable weed pens.

The most common type of vape cartridge is called a 510 thread, which describes the type of threading that is used to screw the bottom of the cartridge to the appropriate vape pen battery. 510 threads are rechargeable using a USB port.

Likewise, some brands, like STIIIZY, have opted to steer away from the traditional cylinder-shaped 510 thread cartridges to instead launch their own proprietary devices.  Often, these are referred to as weed pods. Weed pods have their own vape pen battery hardware that only works with the brand’s specific pod. When you’re shopping, make sure you’re purchasing the correct vape pen battery for your device.

Disposable weed pens, also known as all-in-ones, contain a cartridge filled with THC oil and a pre-charged battery, all in one device. In disposable vape pens, once the THC oil has been consumed, the entire device can be thrown out. These don’t require any charging. Disposable THC pens are a great choice for travelers. We see a lot of travelers at Highway Cannabis, the best dispensary near LAX, so if that’s you, be sure to check out our selection of disposable vape pens!

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Cannabis Oil

Usually, weed vape pens come in half gram or full gram sizes. There are sometimes other options, but typically, half and full gram weed vape pens are the most common size formats. How long a vape cartridge lasts is entirely dependent on how frequently the individual consumes.

Many vape carts are filled with high-potency THC cannabis oil called distillate. It’s quite common to see weed vape pens testing between 85-97% THC. Since distillate is virtually flavorless, often times, terpenes will be reintroduced to add flavor back in. However, CBD-dominant vape cartridges are available too in varied CBD to THC ratios.

For a vape experience that feels and tastes much more like smoking flower, turn to full spectrum weed vape pens. Whether that’s live resin (solvent-based extraction) or live rosin (solventless extraction), or liquid diamonds, a weed vape pen that is filled with full-spectrum oil will contain the cannabis plant’s original cannabinoid and terpene profile, allowing users to experience the entourage effect.

A woman in a black sweatshirt hitting her weed vape pen from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey while looking at the ocean in West LA.

Vape Pen Best Practices

We want our customers to get the most use out of their THC cartridges so be sure to follow these best practices:

  • Keep your weed vape pen upright to avoid your cannabis cartridge from leaking.
  • Store your vape pen in a case to prevent the glass cartridge from breaking. No one wants a sticky mess of THC oil in their bag or pocket.
  • If your weed vape pen gets clogged, try warming it up by rubbing the weed cartridge between your hands or running it under warm water to alter the oil’s viscosity.
  • If you buy a vape pen battery with variable battery control, vape on a lower temperature to avoid burning your throat or burning off the flavorful terpenes.
A woman smoking her THC weed pen from Highway Cannabis Dispensary while looking at the Ocean in Los Angeles.

Explore Vape Pens in Marina Del Rey

We carry the best Vape Pens, Weed Pods and Disposable Weed Pens in Marina Del Rey! Be sure to stop by the best dispensary in LA to shop Jeeter, STIIIZY Pods, Heavy Hitters, Pax Vapes, Raw Garden, Kurvana and more!

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