The Raw Garden Disposable Weed Pen in front of their cultivation in Santa Barbara County.

Raw Garden Carts | Meet the Refined Live Resin Disposable Weed Pens

Meet Raw Garden

Based in Santa Barbara County since 2015, the Raw Garden team breeds, cultivates and manufactures single-source cannabis products you can trust, and we are proud to sell their brand at Highway Cannabis in Marina del Rey.

Their in-house breeding program allows them to hand-select the absolute best genetics to bring to market. More than that though, with a team of in-house scientists, Raw Garden blends advanced technology with traditional agricultural practices to maximize quality while minimizing their environmental impact.

From water conservation to all-natural pest control methods, Raw Garden is a Clean Green Certified business. This certification requires rigorous efforts to maintain and validates that Raw Garden partakes in globally recognized, sustainable cannabis farming practices.

When you consume Raw Garden carts, not only can you feel good about the environmental impact, you can also feel good about what you’re putting in your body. Their Clean Green Certification ensures that no artificial ingredients, flavors, or thinners are ever used in their products.

What is Live Resin vs Refined Live Resin?

Raw Garden is beloved for their refined live resin, a cannabis extract so innovative they even had it trademarked.  The Raw Garden Refined Live Resin is cannabis oil and cannabis terpenes at their most pure and potent, and that’s it. Their unique extraction process is about showcasing the cannabis plant’s natural compounds without compromise.

When it comes to cannabis extracts, the final product will only be as good as the starting source material which is why Raw Garden harvests the freshest, whole flowers for their Refined Live Resin.

After harvest, the first step in making Refined Live Resin is immediately freezing the flowers.  The precious, flavor and aromatic chemical compounds dissipate quickly once the plant is cut from its root system so this step must be done immediately.  By immediately freezing the plant, all the chemical compounds are preserved as if the plant were still alive; thus, this is the defining step that deems the live resin, “live”.

To achieve this, the Raw Garden team utilizes a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique that preserves the maximum amount of naturally occurring chemical compounds in the cannabis plant.

Then, these frozen plants go through the initial extraction process, creating live resin.  That extract is then further refined to remove any lingering waxes, fats, and tannins; and the result is their ultra-pure, flavorful, potent, and aromatic Refined Live Resin.

Why We Love the Raw Garden Disposable Weed Pens

The Raw Garden Disposable Weed Pen in front of their cultivation in Santa Barbara County.

The Raw Garden Disposable Weed Pen in front of their cultivation in Santa Barbara County. Images are credited to Raw Garden.

The Raw Garden Disposable Weed Pens are the most popular all-in-one live resin vapes in California. This product has a few distinguishable features that has allowed it to soar in popularity.

The Raw Garden Carts represent the pinnacle of convenience.  The moment you open the box, your live resin weed pen is fully charged and ready-to-use.  There’s nothing quite as frustrating as your disposable pen’s battery dying before you’ve enjoyed all the cannabis oil inside.  But fear not, that is now a problem of the past.

With these Raw Garden carts, if the battery dies prematurely, it can be recharged using a standard 510 thread charger. If the original charge lasts the whole cartridge’s life, it can be unscrewed and discarded like a true disposable weed pen.

Filled with Refined Live Resin, Raw Garden’s cannabis oil is potent, containing, on average, over 96% total cannabinoids. That means a little goes a long way!

The Best Strains of the Live Resin Disposable Weed Pens

Strawberry Rosé, Pink Lemonade and Kosher Chem are three of our favorite strains of the Raw Garden live resin disposable weed pens. Raw Garden has a massive seed bank and is producing new genetics consistently. While we haven’t had the pleasure of sampling their strains library in its entirety, these three strains, an indica, sativa and hybrid, represent the masterful spectrum of quality that Raw Garden can produce.

Best Indica Strain – Kosher Chem

Kosher Chem, an aromatic indica, is a genetic cross of the Kosher Kush strain with the Chem Dawg strain. From the first inhale, the Kosher Chem disposable weed pens will flood your senses with its classic kush flavors coursing through, quickly followed by notes of sugar and diesel that take their time rolling across the palate. The contradictory yet complimentary flavors are perfect for the consumers who appreciate a complex terpene profile. That’s to say, it’s ideal for a true cannabis-lover.

The Best Sativa Strain – Pink Lemonade

A genetic cross of the Lemonade strain with Jack Punch, the resulting Pink Lemonade strain offers delightful, lighter notes that linger on the tongue long after exhaling. Sugary, citrus flavors followed by hints of flowers expertly showcases the complexity and juiciness of this live resin. A lively Sativa, the Pink Lemonade strain is just one of the many incredible iterations of the Raw Garden carts you must try if you’re shopping for disposable weed pens.

The Best Hybrid Strain—Strawberry Rosé

The Strawberry Rosé strain is a three-way genetic cross of Rosé, Skystomper and the Strawberry Fields strain.  This delicious hybrid displays intense berry flavors, balanced by the presence of acidic citrus elements. An absolute powerhouse, Strawberry Rosé, with its irresistible edge of succulence, aptly flaunts why we believe the Raw Garden Live Resin Carts are some of the best vapes available in California.

You can explore all the best Raw Garden carts and more at Highway Cannabis in Marina del Rey. Beyond their disposable weed pens, we also love Raw Garden’s cannabis gummies, extracts, 510 cartridges and infused prerolls. Shop their collection online at Highway Cannabis for convenient and fast in-store pickup, or shop our sister-stores, KindPeoples Ocean and Soquel in Santa Cruz.


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