Wyld Gummies review by Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina del Rey

Wyld Gummies Review | Our Budtenders’ Five Favorite Flavors


Summer is officially here, and with the change of the seasons, everyone at Highway Cannabis is suddenly craving Wyld Gummies.  Ok, ok, considering we reach for Wyld all year long, maybe it’s not SO sudden. There’s just something about the sunshine and the longer days that makes the already strong craving even stronger!

Thus, we decided we were long overdue for conducting a Wyld Gummies review. If you haven’t tried Wyld Gummies before, or you’re just debating which to try next, these are the five must-try flavors according to our Highway Cannabis Dispensary budtenders. We will break down the dosing of these edibles, how each flavor will effect you, and fun pairings with summer activities around Marina Del Rey for these delicious weed gummies from Wyld.


Strawberry CBD Gummies

Strawberry Wyld CBD Gummies in Marina Del Rey from Highway Cannabis Dispensary

Strawberry Wyld Gummies

After months of the gloomiest spring, we finally made it to the other side and now all we want are summer fruits. Enter, the Strawberry Wylds. Made with real fruit, these CBD dominant gummies generate buoyancy in the body without decreasing the mind’s alertness.

When you aren’t in the mood for a strong THC product, the Strawberry flavor is the way to go. With 20 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC per gummy, these help consumers stay sharp but calm.  If you’re looking to incorporate cannabis gummies into your daily routine, the Strawberry flavor is the perfect option as they can be taken day or night to achieve an overall sense of ease.

These CBD gummies are summer bucket list approved: Pair them with a picnic and concert at the Hollywood Bowl or a sunrise stroll down the Malibu Pier.


Marionberry Indica Gummies

Marion Berry Wyld Gummies Indica in Marina Del Rey from Highway Cannabis Dispensary

Marion Berry Wyld Gummies

No matter how you’re planning to laze about in the warmer summer months, the marionberry flavor will raise the stakes of any adventure.

As one of our budtenders shared, “the Marionberry Wylds are my most-purchased product from Highway Cannabis,” and for good reason. With 10 mg of THC per gummy, these tart and sweet indica treats are the antidote to any long day.  Truly, a flavor one could never get sick of.

Looking to check some items off your LA summer bucket list? These gummies pair perfectly with a movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery or free Jazz at LACMA.


Sour Apple Sativa Gummies

Sour Apple Sativa Wyld Gummies in Marina Del Rey from Highway Cannabis Dispensary

Sour Apple Wyld Gummies

“I’ve been a fan of Wyld Gummies for years but my obsession reached a peak when I tried the Sour Apple flavor for the first time,” one of our Marina del Rey budtenders stated. If you’re looking for a go-to Sativa gummy, look no further.

America’s best-selling edible brand is beloved for many things but for me, “their Sour Apple gummy is at the top of the very long list,” another of our budtenders shared. All their gummies are made with real fruit and the apple flavor comes through so strong and true.

A can’t miss next time you’re shopping at Highway Cannabis this summer. The Sour Apple Sativa Gummies are the perfect companion for a day in the sand down in Manhattan Beach.


Pear CBG Gummies

The pear THC and CBG cannabis infused gummies from Wyld Edibles in Marina Del Rey at Highway Cannabis Dispensary

Pear Wyld Gummies

The Wyld team describes their Pear CBG gummies as “a bubble bath for your brain.” When asked about the pear flavor, one of our budtenders remarked, “personally, I’d go further by saying they’re like a bubble bath full of Epsom salt.” Just as an Epsom salt bath may help ease aches and pains, CBG gummies may have restorative effects on the mind and body.

Each gummy contains 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBG, a balanced dose that will leave consumers feeling focused and rejuvenated. Want to incorporate the pear flavor into your summer plans? It’s the ideal pairing to supercharge a hike in Malibu.


Elderberry CBN Gummies

The elderberry CBN and THC sleep gummies from Wyld in Marina Del Rey at Highway Cannabis Dispensary

Elderberry Wyld Gummies

We have sung our praises for the Elderberry Sleep Wylds many, MANY times but it really can’t be overstated how much we love this product. Not only is it one of the best-selling, but also one of the best-tasting edibles in any California dispensary.  Tart but perfectly sweet, these CBN infused gummies have been a much-needed remedy to many sleepless nights for our entire staff.

With 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBN per gummy, “I like to take one an hour before bedtime and easily drift off to sleep like clockwork.”  These elderberry gummies for sleep are an all-time favorite product available at Highway Cannabis, find out why by trying it for yourself this summer!


No matter how you decide to dip your toe into the Wyld universe, it’s bound to make you feel good. While these are our five favorite flavors, we’re obsessed with the entire product line. Come visit us at Highway Cannabis to discover your favorite flavor. Place an order online for convenient in-store pick up or browse our entire selection in person at our Marina del Rey Dispensary. If you’re in Santa Cruz, stop by our-sister store, KindPeoples, to shop the Wyld collection up north.



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