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4/20 Simplified | Why We’re Celebrating with Storewide Savings

The countdown is officially on to 4/20/2024 and all of us at Highway Cannabis Dispensary are READY!  In anticipation of the best day of the year, we’re talking everything 420.  What’s the history of this classic weed holiday? How are you supposed to celebrate 420? And seriously, what does 420 friendly mean anyways? We’re breaking it all down for you in our Everything 420 guide–this is 4/20 simplified!

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Mark your calendar for our 4/20 Event in Marina Del Rey.

4/20 Simplified: What’s the Meaning of 420? 

As the lore goes, the term “420” originated in the 1970’s in Marin County, amongst a group of high school friends, commonly referred to as the “Waldos”. The Waldos would meet up every day after school at, you guessed it, 4:20 PM to, yep, you guessed it again, smoke weed.

After their extra curriculars ended, but before their parents got home from work, 4:20 pm became the ideal timeslot for this pack of pals to secretly indulge in cannabis consumption.  The group used the term “420” as a code word to signal to one another that their plans were in fact, a go!

As legend has it, the term spilled into the wider cannabis community by way of the Deadhead community. From there, the 20th day of the 4th month of year became a beloved and holy day within the cannabis community, and all these decades later, persists still. While there are alternate theories about the origins of the term “420,” the Waldos theory is the most cited.

What Does 420 Friendly Mean?

Maybe you’ve come across the term “420 friendly” on dating apps, seen it advertised at local businesses, heard it mentioned at social gatherings, but haven’t been totally sure of what it means.

Simply put, the term “420 friendly” means the individual or establishment is open and accepting of cannabis use. At its core, if you identify as being “420 friendly”, that means you are understanding, supportive and, accepting of those who choose to consume cannabis, in its many forms, whether you consume yourself or not.

For many, identifying as “420 friendly” goes beyond just acceptance; and instead, represents a community of cannabis enthusiasts. One that fosters connection and establishes a safe space where individuals can express themselves without fear of stigma.

Cannabis culture is always evolving and in an effort to honor where the cultures been and where it’s going, check out our new series that highlights the products you need to try if you’re 420 friendly!

How Should You Celebrate 4/20? With Highway Cannabis, Of Course!

For cannabis enthusiasts, the annual 4/20 holiday is an opportunity to celebrate cannabis culture loudly and proudly, but why do we celebrate? For us at Highway Cannabis, 4/20 is a day where we celebrate progress, safe access, and of course, our love for California’s finest crop!

With each passing year, more states continue to legalize cannabis. There are currently 38 states that have some form of legal cannabis, add in the fact that 4/20 lands on a Saturday this year, making it safe to say 4/20/2024 is going to be the country’s biggest 420 yet!

If that’s not reason enough to celebrate, our team at Highway Cannabis celebrates by gifting you, the amazing customers in our Marina Del Rey cannabis community, with our biggest day of weed deals of the year.

Whether you prefer smoking the best weed strains, eating delicious THC gummies, puffing on high potency weed vape pens or enjoying a pack of pre rolls, Highway Cannabis has everything you need and more to celebrate 420! Trust us, you aren’t going to want to miss out on storewide savings at our 420 event in Marina Del Rey, and if you’re in Northern California, be sure to check out our sister-stores 420 events at KindPeoples Weed Dispensary in Santa Cruz!

Of course, good bud is better with your best buds, so be sure to share this article with your own pack of Waldos and let them know you want to celebrate 420 with them at Highway Cannabis in Marina Del Rey! In the meantime, any day can feel like 4/20 if you visit Highway Cannabis Dispensary. You can place an order online for pickup in store or stop by to browse in person at 13452 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA.


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