The Permanent Marker strain from CAM available at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey, the best dispensary near LAX.

You Need to Try the Permanent Marker Strain If You’re 420 Friendly

While many claim that the holidays are the best time of year, those of us who are 420 friendly know the truth. The best day of the year in fact falls in April. On the 20th day of the month. That’s right, we’re talking 420. At Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey, we start counting down to 420 as soon as the new year hits.

Sure, it’s still a few months away, but we think one day of 420 simply isn’t enough of a celebration.  At Highway Cannabis Company, we want every day to feel like 420 so we’re sharing the best weed strain in the scene right now that captures that 420 feeling, even if it’s just a rainy day in February.

Speaking from experience, we know this weed strain will sell out quickly, so if you see it on shelf at our Marina Del Rey Dispensary, grab it while you’ve got the chance!  The weed strain you need to try if you’re 420 friendly is… Drumroll please… The Permanent Marker Strain!

The Permanent Marker Strain

Named Leafly’s Best Weed Strain of 2023, the Permanent Marker strain is the #1 weed strain every 420 friendly person needs to try to make any day feel like 420 this year.  Whether you consider yourself a 420 friendly veteran or you’re just entering your canna-curious era, the Permanent Marker strain from CAM should make it in your basket whenever you see it on our Marina Del Rey shelves.

An iconic weed strain from Seed Junky Genetics, the Permanent Marker strain (Genetics: Sherb Bx x Biscotti x Jealousy strain) has such a unique, gassy aroma that you’ll have to take a few deep inhales to truly wrap your head around its marker ink and fruit scents.  This next reference is for my fellow-millennials—when I first opened a jar of the Permanent Marker strain, the experience was reminiscent of the Mr. Sketch scented markers circa early 2000s elementary school days. Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

The experience of smoking Permanent Marker is potent without feeling too heavy, invigorating without feeling overwhelming, perfect for daytime relaxation at home or lounging on Venice Beach. The effects from this indica-leaning hybrid strain are powerful, propelling consumers into a state of chatty euphoria.

Our suggestion is to grab an 1/8th of the Permanent Marker strain from Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey, then invite your 420 friendly buddies over to sink into an epic day of relaxation together. Or grab an 1/8th of Permanent Marker strain and roll a few prerolls to whip out at the next sesh. You’re sure to impress everyone in the rotation!

The Permanent Marker strain is a modern weed strain, that just recently hit the cannabis scene in 2022. This young strain is the perfect reminder that the cannabis industry is overflowing with so much untapped greatness with the best still ahead of us. If you want to experience gratitude for the current moment as well as feel a sense of excitement for what’s ahead, you’re going to want to light up some of the Permanent Marker strain from CAM.

If you want to check out some of our other favorite weed strains, be sure to read our blog highlighting our 10 best weed strains of 2023, or do your own research by shopping our incredible, rotating selection of weed strains available at Highway Cannabis Dispensary in Marina Del Rey. If you’re in Northern California, be sure to stop by KindPeoples Dispensary in Santa Cruz, our sister-store.

You can place an order online for pickup in store or stop by 1345 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292, the best dispensary near LAX, to experience the aroma of all the weed strains currently at our Blossom Bar. Our incredible 420 friendly staff are here to help!


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